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Break time jump-around ramblings

Moving day is tomorrow.
I've packed about 3/4 of the stuff in our apartment.
Beagle probably needs to be walked.
I feel like geeking out on Penn & Teller's "Bullshit", but I know I'll lose a bunch of time if I do that.
It's really cold in here even though the thermostat is turned up to 75 degrees.
I need another "creative streak" but I'm not sure how to initiate one.
Oh, well... It'll come in its own time.
I just realized that as of June 4th, I will have been in possession of this LJ account for ten years. Crazy.
You know how the front door is left hanging open all day long when you relocate? I fucking hate that.
I have three days off this week, one of which I will spend freezing to death (tomorrow).
Lately I've been wishing that I would have realized how insecure my peers were in high school (mainly during the first two years). Maybe then I wouldn't have disliked most of them so much.
Why must we remember the horrors we endured in high school anyway? It's not like they matter anymore (I like myself a lot better now anyway).
Actually, if I could do high school over again, I would be a lot more self-assured and easygoing. But hey, we live and we learn.
I miss indulging myself in photography. As soon as the weather warms up, I'm going to dig into it again.
I also miss doing poetry readings. Why did I stop doing those again?
I miss running. I can't wait to buy my new Nikes.
I miss taking weekend trips to the coast. Can't wait to save money on rent and splurge on a weekend get-away.
I missed everything, really-- it's nice to have my pain under control again.
Did I mention that I'll be moving to Texas within the next year or two?
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