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The process continues...

Well, I'm all moved into my new location and it's finally starting to feel like home. I'm also finding that it's nice to be single after bending over backwards for someone for 3 years without any real, positive results. Now I can throw myself into whatever I want without another person saying, "Are you done yet? Are you done yet? What about me? Are you done yet?"

My next batch of college courses start in the spring, which means I have all of fall and winter to work and accumulate as much income as possible before I have to reduce my hours to part-time. I feel very fortunate in the sense that I have a family and a group of friends who are totally supportive of my decision to end my marriage and go back to school. After I earn my degree and have a chance to work in my new tech writing position for a while, I will likely have the ability to purchase a home for myself-- no help from my parents or any guy that I may be seeing by then (I do plan on remaining single for at least a year-- I have no desire to rush into something new with anyone right now, and that feels perfectly fine).

I love the feeling of not being afraid to NOT be in a relationship. Being on my own and molding my life into what I want is actually pretty exciting. I haven't had a chance to do so since I lived in my last apartment in 2013. This whole life change was obviously way overdue. And bonus: today I am going downtown to accept a new position as a receptionist at a pain clinic (I got my "acceptance email" yesterday. Yay!). Not only do I now have my own source of income, but my ex will not be around to pounce on my money as soon as it rolls in, wanting to know exactly what I plan to do with it. Freeeeeedom! (I don't care what he thinks. I AM wise with my money and I'm perfectly capable of managing my own finances. I CAN survive without him and I'm smart enough to rebuild my own life.)

Anyway, that's the latest for now. My health is finally noticeably improving and I can't wait to take advantage of my lower pain levels as that part of my life continues to get better and better.

Thank you so much to everyone who has come out of the woodwork to offer support. You've all made my life seem so much brighter during this strange and somewhat confusing/overwhelming period. <3
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