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It looks like I'm most likely going to Germany in June for a friend's wedding! I can't wait!!

Yeah... Just had to put that out there.
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Oh, February...

Being a debt collector is still going pretty well. It is a challenging profession is all aspects, but I do enjoy working for Wells Fargo. Last week I was moved to a different section of the collections group, which has required me to put more advanced skills into practice. The good news is that there are more incentives to be earned, so I'm eager to see how the next few months will play out. I really like my new supervisor, too. She seems to genuinely want all of her team members to succeed, which makes me feel more confident about moving to this new area.

I'm beginning to understand our customers' thought processes a little better, which has allowed me to improve my stats. It works better to insist on HELPING them as opposed to simply hounding them for money. Granted, the main objective is to prevent the bank from taking a loss. But customers seem to be far more cooperative if they feel like they are speaking with a human being as opposed to a talking head from a massive corporation. With that being said, one of my new goals is to polish my ability to balance assertiveness with expressing empathy when necessary (I am already very good at the latter). The thought that has made my job easier is simply, "The worst a customer can do is refuse to pay." I have a big advantage in my workplace since I never actually see my customers face to face. So even if they become irate, I'm in no danger. So really, I have no reason to feel nervous or apprehensive when I'm on the phone.

Anyway, bedtime.
Goodnight, all.
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A month blows by...

The first month of being completely on my own has gone pretty well. Once the stress of moving came to an end, I started to fall back into the normal swing of things. I've gone back to doing research on the things that interest me most, as well as working on miscellaneous projects here and there. My professional life is still treating me reasonably well (especially since I'll be receiving a raise within the next three months as long as my performance stays up to par). I love the people I work with, as well as the fact that the bank treats its employees pretty well. So... no complaints there.

Interestingly enough, I thought I would be lonely living alone after a month. But to be completely honest, I'm pretty happy living on my own since I can afford it. I feel no need to bring in a roommate or anyone else just for the sake of their constant presence in my immediate living space. I LIKE being able to do whatever I want without needing to check with anyone else (other than management, if it's something that involves drilling holes in the walls). And I like the idea that, in essence, I am building a life here that is my own. Now that things are beginning to settle down, the trick will be keeping up on the financial part of my life.

Don't misunderstand-- I don't want to live alone forever. Quite the contrary, actually. But I believe that everyone should live on their own at some point if they are capable of doing so. It presents so many opportunities for growth, and I will not take them for granted. I have SPACE to develop my sense of self now that I'm out of my old, stressful living situation, and I love that fact. I may even bring a kitten home sometime within the next few months (since raising a puppy is out of the question at this juncture)-- and no one can say anything about it as long as I tell management that I have a pet and the kitten is well taken care of. We'll see if things pan out in such a way that I'm able to do so.

That's about it for now. October is here (my favorite month), and I definitely won't waste it. I'm going to try to spend as much time outdoors as possible.
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Calling in sick... sucks.

...But at least I finally have time to write a little. I stayed at my family's place last night since my apartment turned into a sauna during the day, and I think I may stick around until tonight (as contradictory as that sounds when I compare this with my last two or three posts). At the very least, I can use this time to take advantage of the "free" Internet connection since mine won't be hooked up until Monday.

In the meantime, I need to find some yellow root tea or something. Someone said the Native Americans swore by it for generations because of its ability to kill bacteria (but apparently they would actually take the risky route and eat it in its raw form). Needless to say, I'm definitely curious about it. But the challenge is going to be actually finding it. I also need to make the bathroom into a sauna so I can sweat this thing out (I'm trying to avoid using a nanny pot as much as possible).

Sickness aside, I'm doing fine. I've almost completed the process of straightening out my apartment. All I need to do now is find a couch at a reasonable price (hello, Craigslist and Goodwill). I checked out a couple of local furniture stores last week and I was surprised at the high prices (the lowest price I found was about $800 for a love seat). I did manage to find a couch at Goodwill for $40, but the condition of the thing left me feeling rather wary. I also need to find a coffee table, but I probably won't purchase one until next month, when I've had some time to save a portion of my paychecks. The process of filling an apartment with the essentials sure is fun...

I'm off to get more rest so I can return to work tomorrow. Take care, all.
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Learning to Tread Water

Life can turn into one giant immersion program in the blink of an eye. In other words, when one is tossed into the deep end of the pool, they must either learn to tread water and swim, or they will drown.

Despite the fact that life in general is about to become more challenging, I am glad that I won't need any life preservers from my immediate family. As long as I have the right resources, what better way is there to learn than to support myself along the way?
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Tying Everything Together...

In addition to my job with Wells Fargo, I am-- as of three days ago-- the official renter of an apartment for the next 12 months. And this apartment is mine, and mine ONLY. As in, one bedroom/one bathroom and no roommates. I've been waiting for this opportunity for about three years, so I'm VERY excited about my move-in date (which is ten days from now). My wages will allow me to cover all of my bills without any help, which I'm quite thrilled about. No more feeling indebted to my mother or anyone else.

I don't regret paying the fees needed to obtain my apartment, nor do I regret paying for renter's insurance or for my account with the electric company. As of August 24th, I'll finally have as much breathing room as I want. No more feeling afraid of my mother's constant threats to stop paying for my car/health insurance (which she utilizes whenever I do ANYTHING that rubs her the wrong way). I am finally able to pay for all of that on my own. I know I already mentioned that, but I have to say... the feeling is AMAZING. The first month will be tight because of the security deposit, but once I recover from that, I'll be good to go for a while.

I hope you're all well. Take care.
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Apologies for my spotty updating habits.

So... Life... When it happens, it can happen quickly and dramatically.

As of nearly a month ago, I work for Wells Fargo (full-time) and I'm in the middle of transitioning from my family's house to my own apartment. Yes, MY OWN apartment (yay!!!).

Needless to say, Pizza Hut didn't work for me. Ultimately, my boss made it nearly impossible for me to work a reasonable number of hours per week (usually six to eight hours maximum even though we originally agreed on ten to twenty). Anyway, I may tell the rest of the story at a later date, but I'm MUCH happier working for Wells Fargo. The company treats its employees very well, and I like what I do as a whole.

Again, my apologies for the spotty updates. My life has been rather crazy since April, and I actually completely forgot about LiveJournal for a while. But hopefully I'll be around more often since it's July and I'm not juggling any college courses at the moment. Things are starting to brighten up, so I'm also betting on the chance that they will continue to improve (not living with my family is going to make a massive difference in my ability to sustain a reasonable level of happiness).

Off to work now. Take care.
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I finally landed a new job this afternoon (in fact, I was hired on the spot)! After a year of sweating over being unemployed and biting my nails through financial issues, I feel incredibly relieved. It'll be nice to do something that doesn't involve slaving away in a packed call center. Instead, I'll be delivering pizza. While this might sound like a drag to many of you, I'm looking forward to it because I actually enjoy driving. Not only that, but I really like the manager who hired me (she's very good-natured, and she believes in making the training process as simple and stress-free as possible).

As I said before, I'm sure I sound far more excited about this than most people would. But in all honesty, I've reached the point where any source of income is extremely appreciated (earning tips is something I'm looking forward to as well). This is also a part-time job, which is going to work with my current academic situation. So yes, this is all very good news in general. I'm very excited to start training this Friday!

(Perhaps my year-long state of financial stagnation is finally coming to a close.)   
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Holding On

Alright, I am reaching the cusp of desperation-- I need a job and a chance to move away from my immediate family. In some ways, I was a lot happier while I was living in my first apartment (despite the fact that my roommates were extremely difficult to share space with). I am on a mission to find people on campus who are also looking to move sometime within the near future. Work-study is something that I'm going to have to be much more aggressive in pursuing if I have any hope of leaving my current situation.

NOTE: Moving back to Dallas is definitely not an option. Upon moving out a couple of months ago, I fully realized the reasons why I should not live in that house on a consistent basis. Staying there from time to time just to crash for one night is manageable... But living there full-time would quickly drive me nuts yet again.

The next few months are going to be interesting. My quest for a part-time job is going to continue until I actually land something. If I find such a job, my schedule is going to be filled to the brim with things to do (my weekends will lose their element of restfulness). But hey, I only have another 18 months or so to go before I finally graduate from college and I can find a job that I truly care about. I'm just hoping that I have what it takes to survive the academia that will manifest within that time. I'm only into the fourth week of fall term and I'm already feeling quite tired (hopefully it's just an issue of adjustment and not a case of waning enthusiasm).

More to come. Off to class (again).
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If I were wiser and less bitter...

If I were wiser, I probably wouldn't have replied to my father's latest letter. He sent it to me THROUGH my employer, which caused me to look unprofessional. In the letter he listed his e-mail address, phone number, and personal mailing address. I took it upon myself to create a new e-mail account and respond to his letter, telling him what I really think of what he did. I probably should have kept to myself, but I've received enough letters from him that were manipulative, passive-aggressive, and just plain nasty in their nature. I felt the need to bring those letters to a stop, and I didn't want to have to go through an attorney to tell him to do so.

I'm not even entirely sure if I should be posting this here, but I have to say that I was thoroughly irritated by his letter. When someone has put your family through as much grief as he has, there comes a time-- especially after 15 years-- when one must finally speak up. I must say, I feel a little better knowing that he read my e-mail. But at the same time, I'm wondering if he could track me down somehow, even if I wrote the e-mail from a computer at my university...

Just wanted to put that out on the table. Off to math class now.
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